Sprint 3 Retrospective

I think Sprint 3 was the most effective sprint of the semester. I think the success of this sprint was largely due to the team improving our GitLab use and our communication with each other. Unlike the last sprint, the new issues we put on our board for this sprint were specific and clearly defined. Most of the new issues were created with a new template that included sections about how the issue would be worked on and what would be produced as a result. This made it much easier to understand what needed to be done, helping us make more progress. I also think we were more open to communicating with each other, both during our meetings and while working separately. We spent more time in our meetings answering each other’s questions and sharing our progress, which personally helped give me a better understanding of things that confused me as well as the overall state of the project. We were also more active on GitLab outside of our meetings. Every team member participated frequently in discussions on issues and merge requests, which helped us complete issues and merge changes efficiently.

Although this sprint was very effective overall, we still faced a few problems. I think the main troubles we encountered were coordination and time management. Although we were all more active on GitLab, we didn’t know exactly when our teammates would be active or what they would be working on. In my personal experience, this made it difficult to make progress sometimes. Whenever I needed input from a teammate, I would simply wait to ask them in the next meeting because I didn’t know if they would be available to discuss on GitLab. I think coordination issues such as this led to problems with time management. Since our progress was slower than it could have been, we ended up having many issues left unfinished in the last couple of days of the sprint. We did arrange a last-minute meeting to work on these issues, which I thought was effective, but if we had managed our time better this would not have been necessary.

To improve as a team, I think we could’ve focused on our time management. This would’ve been difficult, since we all had different schedules and other classes to work on, but there are a few small changes I think we could have made to make coordination easier. First, we might have tried setting due dates on issues. I think this could have helped us manage time better to avoid having issues pile up at the end. It may have also increased collaboration outside of meetings by encouraging multiple team members to work on each issue at once. Also, I think we could have tried having more meetings outside of class. These would’ve been difficult to arrange because of our different schedules and may not have been necessary, but the one we had this sprint was extremely helpful. I think trying to have more meetings where we work together on issues would have helped the team get more done.

To improve as an individual, I think I should continue to work on my communication and participation. As I mentioned earlier, I frequently avoided commenting on GitLab, mainly because I didn’t want to disturb anyone when they weren’t available. This caused me to miss out on important discussions, such as those that took place during planning and on certain merge requests. I started making an effort to participate more during the end of the sprint, but I still found it difficult to do so as my other classes demanded my time and drained my motivation. If I am able to participate more in future projects, I would like to focus on contributing to discussions more and keeping myself informed. I need to stop stressing over my comments so much and just focus on saying what I need to.

Links to my GitLab Contributions:

These are issues I directly worked on, where I left comments about my progress and had discussions with teammates:

I also helped with resolving the Angular Testing issue, which was left over from Sprint 2:

These are merge requests I created to merge branches I worked on, where I also worked with teammates to resolve problems before merging:

I also took part in discussions on these merge requests:

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