Apprenticeship Patterns: Expose Your Ignorance

The first of the patterns in Apprenticeship Patterns that I have decided to discuss is titled “Expose Your Ignorance.” This pattern deals with situations where we do not understand every skill we need to use for a project. In such situations, people tend to fake an understanding of things they don’t know in order toContinue reading “Apprenticeship Patterns: Expose Your Ignorance”

Apprenticeship Patterns: Chapter 1 and Chapter 2-6 Introductions

               Today, I read through Chapter 1 and the introductions to Chapters 2 – 6 of Apprenticeship Patterns: Guidance for the Aspiring Software Craftsman for CS-448. The authors, Dave Hoover and Adewale Oshineye, wrote the book as a guide for “software apprentices” – people who have had some experience developing software and want to furtherContinue reading “Apprenticeship Patterns: Chapter 1 and Chapter 2-6 Introductions”

GitLab’s Issue Tracker

Of the items linked to on the home page, I found the section on Issue Trackers on the Communication page to be the most interesting. The LibreFoodPantry project allows developers to communicate with each other using the GitLab’s issue tracker. Developers can report bugs, request new features, and ask questions by creating a newContinue reading “GitLab’s Issue Tracker”

CS-343 Final Project – Part 4

In my last week of working on my CS-343 final project, I was focused on implementing the remaining features that I had planned to add in my original wireframe. This included creating a working puzzle game that the player could customize and developing my layout further to make it more appealing. While I was ableContinue reading “CS-343 Final Project – Part 4”

Software Quality Assurance

Yesterday was my final class meeting for CS-443. In it, I was briefly introduced to the concept of Software Quality Assurance (SQA). The presentation on it was mostly focused on Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI), which is one set of standards that is often used in SQA to ensure that an organization is capable ofContinue reading “Software Quality Assurance”

Mutation Testing

Last Thursday in CS-443, I was introduced to Mutation Testing. This is a testing method which uses tools to embed faults into a project’s code before running its tests. The idea behind it is that, if the tests are written well, then they should fail when mutations are introduced. The in-class activity introduced Mutation TestingContinue reading “Mutation Testing”

CS-343 Final Project – Part 3

Over the past week, my work on my CS-343 Final Project has been focused on creating a more interesting layout for my components. I have not changed the function of the program or added any more features yet, but I think I have made some great progress towards making the GUI look more like IContinue reading “CS-343 Final Project – Part 3”

More on Static Testing: Bug-Finding Tools

In my previous blog for CS-443, I discussed my experience revisiting the class activity about static testing tools. I focused on figuring out the Checkstyle tool, which makes sure that the code complies with a set of style guidelines specified in an xml file. However, the class activity dealt with more tools than just Checkstyle.Continue reading “More on Static Testing: Bug-Finding Tools”

CS-343 Final Project – Part 2

Over the weekend, I have started working on my CS-343 final project by creating a simple Angular application that I will use as a base to build the rest of the project off of. The application simply draws a rectangle with a length and width that are entered by the user. When the user entersContinue reading “CS-343 Final Project – Part 2”

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