CS-343 Final Project – Part 4

In my last week of working on my CS-343 final project, I was focused on implementing the remaining features that I had planned to add in my original wireframe. This included creating a working puzzle game that the player could customize and developing my layout further to make it more appealing. While I was ableContinue reading “CS-343 Final Project – Part 4”

CS-343 Final Project – Part 3

Over the past week, my work on my CS-343 Final Project has been focused on creating a more interesting layout for my components. I have not changed the function of the program or added any more features yet, but I think I have made some great progress towards making the GUI look more like IContinue reading “CS-343 Final Project – Part 3”

CS-343 Final Project – Part 2

Over the weekend, I have started working on my CS-343 final project by creating a simple Angular application that I will use as a base to build the rest of the project off of. The application simply draws a rectangle with a length and width that are entered by the user. When the user entersContinue reading “CS-343 Final Project – Part 2”

CS-343 Final Project – Part 1

As there are now just a few weeks left in the semester, it is time to start working on my final project for CS-343. This project is to develop a Single Page Application in TypeScript using the Angular framework, which we have been learning in class over the past month. From now until the endContinue reading “CS-343 Final Project – Part 1”

Angular Components

This past week, I began to work with REST API frontend code using the Angular framework in CS-343. The introductory class activity taught the basics about setting up and working with an Angular project as well as some useful properties of Angular (such as *ngIf) that I definitely see myself using in the future. However,Continue reading “Angular Components”

The Single Responsibility Principle

Several weeks ago, we briefly discussed the SOLID design principles in CS-343. This discussion was supposed to lead into a homework assignment where we would research a couple of principles, but since this never happened I decided to research a SOLID principle for a blog post instead. In this post, I will be focusing onContinue reading “The Single Responsibility Principle”

Adventures in TypeScript

This week in CS-343, I was introduced to TypeScript, a scripting language that uses typed variables to prevent coding errors caused by mismatching data types. My introduction to TypeScript was my first time working with a scripting language, and I am really looking forward to learning more about it and using it to write newContinue reading “Adventures in TypeScript”


The latest in-class activity from CS-343 introduced me to Representational State Transfer (REST), which is an architecture used by Client-Server APIs. The activity was helpful in explaining standard HTTP methods which are used by REST, specifically GET, PUT, POST, and DELETE, but it didn’t really focus on explaining what REST actually is and how APIsContinue reading “REST APIs”

The Singleton Design Pattern

Recently in CS-343, I have been introduced to the concept of design patterns. These are essentially code-writing techniques that help make code easier to describe, modify and maintain. There are a wide variety of design patterns, each with different benefits and drawbacks. My last class on Thursday ended as we began to cover the SingletonContinue reading “The Singleton Design Pattern”

About This Blog

Hello, and welcome to my new blog! As you might expect from the title, I will be using this blog to make posts about Computer Science. I have specifically created it for use with the following courses at Worcester State University: CS-343: Software Construction, Design, and Architecture CS-443: Software Quality Assurance and Testing As such,Continue reading “About This Blog”

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