Apprenticeship Patterns: Draw Your Own Map

The final Apprenticeship pattern I would like to discuss is titled “Draw Your Own Map.” This pattern is written for developers who feel that none of the career paths their employer provides is a good fit for them. It reminds us that it is up to ourselves, not our employers or anyone else, to determineContinue reading “Apprenticeship Patterns: Draw Your Own Map”

Apprenticeship Patterns: Concrete Skills

The next Apprenticeship pattern I’ve decided to discuss is titled “Concrete Skills.” This pattern is targeted at developers who wish to join a talented team in order to find better learning opportunities. The problem here is that professional development teams have no incentive to hire new developers who cannot immediately contribute to their work. TheContinue reading “Apprenticeship Patterns: Concrete Skills”

Apprenticeship Patterns: Record What You Learn

Today I have decided to post about the “Record What You Learn” pattern. This pattern is targeted at developers who find themselves repeatedly learning about the same topics. Some lessons just never seem to stick in their memories, and they often forget the details of their past works. According to the pattern, simply recording whatContinue reading “Apprenticeship Patterns: Record What You Learn”

Apprenticeship Patterns: The Long Road

The Apprenticeship pattern I would like to focus on this week is “The Long Road.” The pattern explains that becoming a master of software development is a lifelong endeavor. This conflicts with our cultural obsession with quick results and rapid progression. Developers who wish to become masters need to understand this and learn to focusContinue reading “Apprenticeship Patterns: The Long Road”

Apprenticeship Patterns: Sustainable Motivations

This week, I would like to discuss the “Sustainable Motivations” pattern. This pattern explains that professional software developers often must work on messy projects with unclear specifications and conflicting demands. Such chaotic projects are exhausting and frustrating to work on, which can cause developers to lose their motivation to pursue software craftsmanship. The pattern’s solutionContinue reading “Apprenticeship Patterns: Sustainable Motivations”

Sprint 2 Retrospective

Overall, I think the second sprint was somewhat less effective than the first for my group. Unlike the previous sprint, we had some problems that prevented us from completing everything we expected to. I think the main issue we had was a lack of clarity regarding our goals for each issue. We have not beenContinue reading “Sprint 2 Retrospective”

Apprenticeship Patterns: Nurture Your Passion

The next Apprenticeship pattern I would like to discuss is titled “Nurture Your Passion.” This pattern is targeted at software developers whose work environments drain them of their passion for creating software. It emphasizes that a passion for software craftsmanship is crucial for improving our skills, and that we should take steps to protect ourContinue reading “Apprenticeship Patterns: Nurture Your Passion”

Apprenticeship Patterns: Breakable Toys

The second Apprenticeship pattern I would like to discuss is titled “Breakable Toys.” This pattern is based on the idea that experience is built upon failure. Because many software developers work in an environment that does not allow them to fail, they have trouble learning more about development and improving their skills. This pattern encouragesContinue reading “Apprenticeship Patterns: Breakable Toys”

Sprint 1 Retrospective

I think that the first sprint went well overall. My teammates and I completed all of the issues we assigned ourselves during the planning meeting, so the sprint was definitely a success. We accomplished this thanks to our effective use of the GitLab issue board. For the most part, our issues were clearly defined byContinue reading “Sprint 1 Retrospective”

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