Apprenticeship Patterns: The Long Road

The Apprenticeship pattern I would like to focus on this week is “The Long Road.” The pattern explains that becoming a master of software development is a lifelong endeavor. This conflicts with our cultural obsession with quick results and rapid progression. Developers who wish to become masters need to understand this and learn to focusContinue reading “Apprenticeship Patterns: The Long Road”

CS-343 Final Project – Part 2

Over the weekend, I have started working on my CS-343 final project by creating a simple Angular application that I will use as a base to build the rest of the project off of. The application simply draws a rectangle with a length and width that are entered by the user. When the user entersContinue reading “CS-343 Final Project – Part 2”

Making Sense of Static Testing

Last week in CS-443, we did a class activity on static testing tools. These tools are able to detect issues in a program without executing the code. Previous activities had focused on dynamic testing, which does involve code execution, so static testing was definitely new to me. However, I had a hard time learning aboutContinue reading “Making Sense of Static Testing”

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