Apprenticeship Patterns: Concrete Skills

The next Apprenticeship pattern I’ve decided to discuss is titled “Concrete Skills.” This pattern is targeted at developers who wish to join a talented team in order to find better learning opportunities. The problem here is that professional development teams have no incentive to hire new developers who cannot immediately contribute to their work. TheContinue reading “Apprenticeship Patterns: Concrete Skills”

Apprenticeship Patterns: Record What You Learn

Today I have decided to post about the “Record What You Learn” pattern. This pattern is targeted at developers who find themselves repeatedly learning about the same topics. Some lessons just never seem to stick in their memories, and they often forget the details of their past works. According to the pattern, simply recording whatContinue reading “Apprenticeship Patterns: Record What You Learn”

CS-343 Final Project – Part 3

Over the past week, my work on my CS-343 Final Project has been focused on creating a more interesting layout for my components. I have not changed the function of the program or added any more features yet, but I think I have made some great progress towards making the GUI look more like IContinue reading “CS-343 Final Project – Part 3”

More on Static Testing: Bug-Finding Tools

In my previous blog for CS-443, I discussed my experience revisiting the class activity about static testing tools. I focused on figuring out the Checkstyle tool, which makes sure that the code complies with a set of style guidelines specified in an xml file. However, the class activity dealt with more tools than just Checkstyle.Continue reading “More on Static Testing: Bug-Finding Tools”

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