Apprenticeship Patterns: Draw Your Own Map

The final Apprenticeship pattern I would like to discuss is titled “Draw Your Own Map.” This pattern is written for developers who feel that none of the career paths their employer provides is a good fit for them. It reminds us that it is up to ourselves, not our employers or anyone else, to determine what the next step in our careers should be. The pattern recommends that we develop possible career maps made up of small, specific steps we want to achieve. If our maps conflict with our employers’ expectations, we should simply seek out other opportunities that better fit. These maps are never set and can be altered as our circumstances change, but they will always help guide us towards the career we want.

As I’ve gotten closer to finishing college, I’ve become increasingly worried about my future. I don’t have any definite goals or plans for my career, and I don’t know how to create these plans or put them into action. I chose to read this pattern because it seemed like it might help me figure out a plan for myself. After reading the pattern, I at least think it provides some useful advice. I like that the pattern emphasizes the importance of achievable steps and advises against high-level goals. This makes me think differently about my lack of long-term goals, as I now understand that it is easier to succeed by planning short-term steps. Additionally, the pattern helped me realize the importance of following my own plan instead of one set by my employer. I have had miserable jobs in the past which I felt trapped in due to a sense of obligation towards my employer, but reading the pattern pattern assured me that I do not have this obligation.

One problem I had with this pattern, which also applies to the other patterns I read, is that it assumes the reader is already employed as a developer. For this reason, the pattern doesn’t quite provide the help with actually creating goals that I was hoping for. Despite this, I think the pattern gives a crucial piece of advice in the second paragraph, where it emphasizes the importance of taking a first step. Even without a clear plan, taking a step is crucial for building momentum that can lead to success. Despite not having clear goals for my future, I already know I want to work on regaining my passion for programming in the short-term. After finishing college, I should focus on pushing myself to take this step. Hopefully, I will develop the motivation to keep programming and eventually be able to draw a map for myself to follow.

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